About the Journal

"Natural and Applied Sciences Series"

A refereed and indexed research Journal

Published by Mu'tah University


The Journal of Mu’tah Lil-Buḥūth wad-Dirāsāt; Natural and Applied Sciences Series, is a scholarly, peer reviewed, and an indexed scientific journal. It has been published regularly by the Deanship of Scientific Research since 1986 in one volume each year since its establishment. The volume contains two issues. It is supervised by an International Editorial and Advisory Boards that have specialized in different fields of natural and applied science. It has an International Standard Serial Number (ISSN 1022-6812).

The Journal publishes original articles that contribute to promoting knowledge in all disciplines of Natural and Applied Sciences Series. All submitted manuscripts are subject to strict criteria that include technical editing and peer reviewing by two reviewers to assure research originality and validity.

The Journal has a leading reputation locally and regionally over the past three decades. It has become an accredited Journal for the purpose of promotion of researchers in all public and private universities, in Jordan in particular, and in Arab World in general. This justifies the large number of submitted papers to the Journal from various local and regional universities and institutions.

To ensure the quality of research published in the Journal, it follows strict criteria and procedures that guarantee the quality of the research product. This includes the following:

  1. Publishing rules
  2. Technical specifications for publication
  3. Publishing Procedures
  4. Publishing Ethics




Prof. Tayel Mahmoud Hassan