Publication Procedures

Publication Procedures

-The manuscript is submitted for publication to the Deanship of Scientific Research at Mutah University electronically on the journal's website Mutah Journal of Natural, Applied and Health Sciences

-The researcher signs the publishing undertaking according to a special form approved by the journal. --The manuscript is presented to the editorial board of the journal and registered in the approved records.

-The manuscript sent to the journal is subject to technical scrutiny and initial arbitration by the editorial board to determine its suitability for external arbitration.

-The board has the right to apologize for proceeding with the external arbitration procedures at any stage without giving reasons.

-The manuscript is sent to at least two arbitrators for their opinion. After being notified of the amendments, the researcher must do so according to the arbitrators' notes within a maximum period of one month. In the event that the researcher does not respond within the specified period, he shall be presented to the Commission to take the appropriate action.

-The amendments are sent to the arbitrators to ensure that the researcher is committed to making the required amendments.