Extent to which the property's occupants are legally protected from the effects of auction


  • بتول معايطة اردني
  • احمد البدوي


the lease, the occupants of the property, auction, the legal extension


This research has dealt with the legal protection of property occupants from the effects of auction sales and may be of particular importance since the lease is a time contract in which time plays an essential role. and the importance of this subject is heightened by legislative amendments to the property occupants' rights, The protection of the rights of the occupants of the property and the impact of legislative intervention on the rights of this group, and the lack of established jurisprudence to resolve the dispute, have become necessary.

We have concluded this research with a number of results, notably that the legislator provides the tenant with protection through legal extension so as not to remain under the will and will of the lessor. It also considers as a manifestation of the lawmaker's protection of the tenant that he cannot be obliged to evict the wage unless there is a case of evictions identified exclusively, they may not be evicted for auction. We hope that the legislature will make an amendment that will eliminate ambiguity and end the controversy with a clear text that will give the judiciary a justification that can be invoked with stable diligence