Publication Procedures (Steps)

Publication Procedures


  1. The author(s) submit the research manuscript to the Deanship of Scientific Research at Mutah University at the Journal’s website:
  2. The author(s) signs a publication pledge in an official form available at the Journal’s website.
  3. The manuscript is registered in the Journal special records.
  4. The submitted manuscript is technically checked and initially reviewed by the Editorial Board to determine its eligibility for peer review. The board is entitled to assign peer reviewers or to reject the manuscript without giving reasons.
  5. If initially accepted by the Editorial Board, the manuscript will be sent to two reviewers, who should reply within a maximum period of one month. In case of failure to reply within the specified time, the manuscript shall be sent to another reviewer. Once receiving the reports of the reviewers, the Editorial Board decide the following:
  6. The manuscript will be accepted for publication if receiving positive reports from the two reviewers, and after the author(s) make(s) the required corrections, if any.
  7. If negative reports are received from both reviewers, the manuscript is rejected.
  8. If a negative report is received from one reviewer, and a positive one from the other, the manuscript will be sent to a third reviewer to decide its validity for publication.
  9. The manuscript should not be reviewed by a peer who works at the same institution.
  10. The author must make the suggested corrections of the reviewers within a maximum period of two weeks. Failing to meet this requirement will stop the procedure of publishing the manuscript.
  11. If the reviewer rejects the required corrections, the author will be given a period of two weeks to make the necessary corrections, otherwise, the paper will be rejected.
  12. Even if the reviewers approve the required corrections, the author(s) must abide by completing the essential technical specifications to be eligible to obtain the letter of acceptance.
  13. The accepted manuscripts in the Journal are arranged for publication in accordance with the policy of the Journal.

What is published in the journal reflects the point of view of the author(s) and does not necessarily represent the views of Mutah University or the Editorial Board.