Legal qualification and legal scope of the insolvency agent’s liability (According to the Jordanian Legislation)


  • Adv. Hatem Yousef Masarweh Lawyer\Jordan Bar Association\ Jordan
  • تمارا ناصر الدين القانون المدني- جامعة الشرق الأوسط


The researcher put the exposure in this research on some parts of the Civilian accountability of the insolvency agent, standing on the hard ground in which the agent will go throughout all the stages of the Insolvency. And, the summary of the stages of the Insolvency in general, in which it forms the foundation for the General and private quest of helping the insolvent debtor and the creditors and the people who have a relation to the Insolvency.

Also, the researcher pointed for the ground rules of the civilian accountability of the insolvency agent and the status of this accountability, the short responsibility caused by. He is obligated to exercise the care of an ordinary man while exercising his duties, in accordance with the provisions of Jordanian legislation.  Accordingly, the researcher reached a set of results and recommendations, the most prominent of which was the need to indicate a type of commitment to the Insolvency agent; this is because there is a task that is required of the insolvency agent.

There is an important fact that also requires the insolvency agent to exercise the prudent man’s right, and accordingly we find that is because there are tasks that require the insolvency agent to achieve a result, and there are also tasks that require him to exercise the care of a prudent man, and accordingly we find that the usual man’s care cannot be applied to all the tasks entrusted to the insolvency agent, and because of this an important role in establishing the responsibility of the agent Insolvency