Religious Extremism in the Middle East - Yemen Crisis Case Study


  • Rashed Ahmad Alhinaiti Universidad Rey Juan Carlos\Spain



Religious Extremists, Terrorism, Religious Party, Islamic Movements


The main purpose of this research paper is to investigate the reasons for religious extremes in Yemen and how this could affect the stability of Middle East in general. The research intends to answer the following questions:  (1) what are the reasons for the Religious Extremism in Yemen? (2) What are the main features of Religious Extremism in Yemen?, (3) What are the implications for the religious extremism in Yemen? The study relies on the analytical descriptive approach. The researcher used the observation tool as a way of observing a particular phenomenon with precision and cares in order to obtain information and record it. The research concludes that some organizations and movements in Yemen were able to operate within the framework of the state, ignoring the social structure that can melt in the furnace of ideological ideas until reaching the furthest point of extremism. Ideological movements were able to influence the religious, political, and social scene in Yemen.



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Alhinaiti, R. A. . (2023). Religious Extremism in the Middle East - Yemen Crisis Case Study. Jordanian Journal of Law and Political Science, 15(1).