Islanding Detection Method Based Artificial Neural Network


  • Mohammad M. Al-Momani Mr
  • Seba F. Al-Gharaibeh
  • Ali S. Al-Dmour
  • Ahmed Allaham



Islanding Detection Method (IdM), Artificial neural network (ANN), Genetic Algorithm, Cuckoo algorithm, optimization, backpropagation, feedforward, distributed energy resources (DER), double fed induction wind turbine (DFIG), micro-grid


This paper presents a new islanding detection technique based on an artificial neural network (ANN) for a doubly fed induction wind turbine (DFIG). This technique takes advantage of ANN as pattern classifiers. Five different ANN systems are presented in this paper based on various inputs: three phase power, phase voltage, phase current, neutral voltage, and neutral current. An ANN structure is trained for each input, and the comparison between the different structures is presented. Feedforward ANN structures are used for the five systems. Three different learning algorithms are used: backpropagation and two artificial optimization techniques: Genetic Algorithm (GA) and Cuckoo optimization algorithm. For each method in each training technique, the results and the cost function are presented. The comparison of different inputs different algorithms is conducted. MATLAB 2020a is used to simulate the ANN structure and code the training algorithms. A detailed discussion of the input sample rate has also been manipulated to make the computational burden a factor in assessing the performance.




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Al-Momani, M. M., Al-Gharaibeh, S. F. ., Al-Dmour, A. S. ., & Allaham, A. . (2022). Islanding Detection Method Based Artificial Neural Network . Jordan Journal of Energy, 1(1).




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