Publishing Rules


Publishing Rules



In line with the strategic plan of the University of Mu'tah and its vision to achieve the standards of international classifications of universities, and based on the strategic plan and the vision of the Deanship of Scientific Research, which states:

“Towards a Deanship that hosts distinguished scientific research that elevates the University's classification locally, regionally and globally.”

and, Its Mission that includes:

 “Providing an environment capable of producing scientific research that contributes to enhancing the role of the University in research and innovation locally, regionally and globally.”

 The Deanship of Scientific Research has decided to develop Jordan journal of Energy (JJE)

When submitting your research for publication in the Journal, the followings shall be considered:

  • Adopting the Modern Language Association (MLA) system, for more information: visit
  • The research and all the required files should be electronically uploaded online at
  • The technical specification for printing of the research appeared at the website of the Journal should be strictly followed, keeping in mind that the research is subordinated to precise technical auditing when received, in case these specification is violated, the research will be returned.
  • Failure to comply with any of the foregoing points exempts the Journal from proceeding with the arbitration proceedings.